So why does BCSC exist?

A long time ago a ring of power was given to… wait, wrong story…
A long time ago in a galaxy far far… nope that’s not it either.
Here is the real life epic origin story of Bcsc

Blount County Student Conference came about because a bunch of students and churches in the area decided to come together for a weekend to worship God and encourage one another. We believe students in Blount County are stronger together! That is why we are bringing students from all over the region to make an impact in the homes, schools, and community of Blount County!

Here are some ways that BCSC reaches out to and unites students and churches in our community:

* Church Groups - Churches will meet together for group time together during the weekend. This will be a chance for churches to talk through the content and experience of the weekend! If you do not come with a group we will make sure you have a place with a church during this time.

* School Groups - We want to give everyone a chance to gather together with their schools for encouragement and prayer together. It makes a difference to know other followers of Christ in your school!

* Community Outreach - This is a chance for students and churches to come together to make a difference here in our back yard in Blount County!

We hope you will join us as we reach out to our community together in a weekend of unity that includes powerful worship, teaching, and a few surprises along the way!